Kofi Asihene

Kofi Asihene is a second year PhD student at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana. His principal research interests lie in the fields of Popular Culture, Contemporary Performing Arts, and Gender. He is particularly interested in examining how these fields interconnect in the broader field of African Studies. Kofi has served as a research assistant and coordinator on research projects of diverse disciplines. From an urban Malian griot narrating legends of African heroes; to a city singer humming long lost songs that once resonated across the African continent; to a graffiti artist painting dying African cultures back to life on city walls; contemporary urban artists are making conscious efforts to cling to their African history and heritage. Asihene has taken keen interests in researching into how these contemporary artists project their African story, culture and history through their art forms.

I Stand for Africa, I Speak for Africa: Telling the African Narrative through the Voice of the Spoken Word Artist

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