Maame Nikabs

Maame Nikabs is a linguist, diversity, inclusion and equity consultant, and cross-cultural communication specialist. She is the founder of LingLab consult, a firm specialising in offering language-related consultancy and training to support organizations' diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts. Her research focuses on applying linguistic research in other disciplinary contexts, such as the media and in turning analysis into evidenced-based training. Currently, she collaborates with Engineers from Queen Mary, University of London, to identify and define vocabulary according to specific scientific disciplines and sub-disciplines to assist learners. Her PhD thesis, completed in 2020, is titled 'Gifts or bribes: Discourses of informal payments in the Ghanaian media,' demonstrates the varying understanding of corruption and highlights the importance of paying attention to language in use. Through her conference presentations and other engagements, Dr Nikabs has succeeded in exposing the unfamiliar to Western scholars and challenged existing negative narratives about African journalists by the Global North.

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