ANF Events

We know that we are not alone in our work of shifting African narratives and that while grants and funding go a long way in supporting storytellers, it is just one part of our work.

Africa No Filter is also a convenor of people and ideas. Our convenings bring together artists, storytellers, researchers and experts all with the singular aim of creator deeper conversations about narrative; why it matters, how to crowd in new ones that better represent Afrca and narrative matters and how Africa can #takebackthepen and start telling its own stories.

We do this through our annual convening, the ANF Academy and Webinars that unpack insights from our groundbreaking Narrative research.

Johannesburg Meeting – January 2023

For the first time in Africa No Filter’s existence, the ANF team came together from all over the continent to meet in Johannesburg. We took the opportunity to meet with some of our partners, funders, vendors and community in South Africa who have cheered us on as we have grown into our own space and mission.

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