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28 February 2023

Pop culture is the biggest influencer of African youth, according to new report

Pop culture is the biggest influencer of African youth, according to the Who is Influencing Who? Unpacking Youth and Influence in Africa report.

14 December 2022

How African news agency Bird is breaking negative stereotypes about the continent

Launched in 2021 by nonprofit Africa No Filter, the agency has run 400 news stories portraying Africa beyond poverty, conflict and corruption.

13 December 2022

100 Most Influential Africans of 2022

ANF's Moky Makura has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Africans of 2022. Thank you New African for recognizing the work we do. Go to page 54 to read the full feature.

2 December 2022

New report on innovation in Africa finds youth believe the next Mark Zuckerberg could come from the continent

Africa’s youth prefer using local innovations and believe that the next tech billionaire could come from the continent, according to the recently launched Africa – innovator or imitator? Exploring narratives around Africa’s technological capabilities report by Africa No Filter. 

10 November 2022

IPASA’s 2022 Annual Review of South African Philanthropy

Separately, a dustpan and a brush are of little use. Together, they can help to sweep a house clean. This is the power of unity - greater, long-lasting impact. Read more on page 57.

3 November 2022

The specialist news agency, bird, today announced Ndu Okoh as its new Editor- in-Chief

The award-winning Nigerian journalist has held positions in top regional and global news and media houses including Agence France Presse, The Nation Media Group and The Standard Group.

28 September 2022

How Lewis Hamilton showed the world the positive side of Africa

Two high-profile visitors recently came to Africa, but while one shone the light on a broken continent, the other portrayed a vibrant, beautiful one. Moky Makura contrasts the outcomes of USAID’s Samantha Power and F1 champion Lewis Hamilton’s visits to Africa.

20 September 2022

New report on Africa’s creative and cultural industries finds youth admire creatives, but they won’t spend on their work

Africa’s youth love local films and admire creatives, but they don’t read books by African authors for pleasure or spend on creative products, according to the newly launched Africa's Soft Power: Can Africa’s creativity transform the continent? report by Africa No Filter.