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25 May 2023

The dream of a united Africa is alive, but xenophobia and lack of free trade remain a challenge

25 May – Johannesburg, South Africa: Africa has more success in the international arena, with Africans elected to positions of significant power within international organisations. However, the continent still faces significant challenges when it comes to promoting continental integration through free trade, peace and security, infrastructure and cultural diplomacy. These are some of the findings from the recently launched literature review, One Africa: Pan-African dream or reality?, by narrative change organization Africa No Filter.

18 January 2023

10 new African artists to watch in 2023

18 January, Accra - Ghana: After a year-long program under Africa No Filter (ANF) where they were given space, funds and support to hone their talent, the second cohort of ANF emerging artists are ready to take on the art world.

28 November 2022

Global funders renew commitment to shift negative stereotypes about Africa

28 November, Johannesburg: Five Global funders have renewed their commitment to support the narrative change organization Africa No Filter for another two years. The donor collaborative, which was started in 2020, has been advocating for better representation of Africa in the media and arts and culture space since its inception.

28 November 2022

Do These 5 Things to Protect Your Copyright And Keep Earning From Your Art

Africa’s creative industry is currently valued at over $40 billion and generates over $5 billion in annual revenue - which shows there is a lot of money to be made. Legal expert Georgette Monnou joined the ANF Academy to talk about copyrights and licensing for creatives and what you can do to keep earning from your art long after it has been produced.

16 November 2022

New report on innovation in Africa finds youth believe the next Mark Zuckerberg could come from the continent

15 November, Lagos: Africa’s youth prefer using local innovations and believe that the next tech billionaire could come from the continent, according to the recently launched Africa – innovator or imitator? Exploring narratives around Africa’s technological capabilities report by Africa No Filter.

14 November 2022

Africa No Filter launches second competition for emerging visual artists

It’s time for the second annual ANF art competition that gives 5 emerging visual artists the opportunity to get their work featured on our coveted notebooks.

8 November 2022

Meet 10 African writers and visual artists chosen to help celebrate 20 years of the African Union

8 November, Dakar, Senegal: The 10 African writers and visual artists who will contribute their creative ideas to the African Union’s 20-year celebrations were announced today as part of the AU20 campaign.

20 October 2022

The specialist news agency, bird, today announced Ndu Okoh as its new Editor-in-Chief

25 October, Nairobi: The specialist news agency, bird, announced Ndu Okoh as its new Editor-in-Chief.

4 October 2022

35 under-reported insights and trends that point to positive business opportunities in Africa

35 under-reported insights and trends that point to positive business opportunities in Africa